And Now, Towards Chapter 85…

345 posts.
84 chapters.
102 links to amazon.
100+ hours.
42 days.

When I started the Node project, I originally planned a multi-author blog of fictional news stories in the Spook Country universe.

When someone suggested that the site might be a subject of interest once the “inevitable googling begins” post-publication, I thought they were crazy. But just in case, I thought, it might be good to have something worth finding if anyone does.

Inspired not only by my favorite author, but at least as much by Anton Rauben Weiss’s amazing William Gibson aleph site and Joe Clark’s PR-Otaku, I set out to compile a doorway into the spooks within Spook Country.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that more than a few people would find these posts, much less William Gibson himself [who seems to like it - I guess I will find out in person on Saturday in Boulder, CO].

I want to thank all of those people who provided comments, encouraging words, and insights, especially my new friend Memetic Engineer.

And now, maybe it’s time to reinvigorate the original idea for Node with the Chapter 85 project. If you are interested in exploring the world of “cyberspace turned inside out,” please email me at

POSTSCRIPT: One of the themes in Spook Country is the use of iPods to smuggle data.

If you would like a complete transcript of the Node tumblog [minus the photos, maps and videos], email me at I will also give you the files that you can use to get the unecrypted files ready for immediate transfer to your iPod [which, even I must admit, is a bit scary].

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