Chapter 82. BEENIE’S

Awakening to a call from Garreth, Hollis leaves the flat for Beenie’s where she meets Garreth, Tito and the old man. The old man explains that the contents of the shipping container were never intended to arrive in a First World country, rather for an economy “in which that sort of money can be traded for one thing or another, without too punishing a discount.” As the profiteers were consistently unable to launder the cash, they became progressively nervous until cutting a deal with a church in Porthill, Idaho, “the kind with its own television station [where] hundred dollar bills in the collection plate are the norm.” Hollis and company watch the container roll by on a flatbed truck, on its way towards the US border and “a world of trouble.” [752 characters]

NOTE: The closest reference I have found to a “Beenie’s Cafe” is Beanie’s Coffee Bar at 4811 Delta Street in Vancouver:

Beanie's Coffee Bar

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