The Standard [Sunset Boulevard]

The Standard [Sunset Boulevard]

Mondrian Hotel [Los Angeles]

Mondrian Hotel [Los Angeles]

Chapter 1. WHITE LOGO

Shortly after 3AM on a Wednesday morning in the Mondrian in LA, Hollis Henry awakes to a call from Philip Rausch, editor of Wired-wannabe Node. “‘They’re ready to show you his best piece,’ Rausch says.”

Careful to not step on Odile Richard's white lego robot (apparently “collecting data with an onboard GPS unit”), Hollis ventures out to meet Odile (“the least chic Frenchwoman Hollis could recall having met”) and Alberto Corrales (a “broad young Latino with shaven head and retro-ethnic burgundy Pendleton”) at the Standard.

Alberto, a historian of internalized space,” hands Hollis a VR visor tethered to a laptop with which she sees a memory from August 1993, released from time but frozen in space, of a dead celebrity outside the Viper Room.

“’Who?’ she asks, finding her breath.” [784 characters]

'Rausch,' said the voice in Hollis Henry's cell. 'Node,' it said.

– William Gibson [from Chapter 1. White Logo, Spook Country]

Countdown begins: 42 days, 84 chapters

A few days ago, I was ecstatic to receive an uncorrected proof of the Spook Country. I am currently more than 200 pages into this version and loving it. I have already ordered multiple copies that I will give to friends and colleagues and look forward to having a couple signed by William Gibson during his book tour starting in August.

With 42 days before the official release and a total of 84 chapters, I will begin posting two short (under 807 characters each in celebration of the official release date) chapter summaries each day. Quotations will be very sparse and all posts will contain my interpretations (and likely significant spoilers) re: the yet-to-be-released work.

I hope you enjoy what is to come and look forward to your feedback and comments.

What is Node?

Countdown to the August 7, 2007 release of William Gibson's Spook Country with news, thoughts and chapter summaries in 807 characters or less.


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