Chapter 82. BEENIE’S

Awakening to a call from Garreth, Hollis leaves the flat for Beenie’s where she meets Garreth, Tito and the old man. The old man explains that the contents of the shipping container were never intended to arrive in a First World country, rather for an economy “in which that sort of money can be traded for one thing or another, without too punishing a discount.” As the profiteers were consistently unable to launder the cash, they became progressively nervous until cutting a deal with a church in Porthill, Idaho, “the kind with its own television station [where] hundred dollar bills in the collection plate are the norm.” Hollis and company watch the container roll by on a flatbed truck, on its way towards the US border and “a world of trouble.” [752 characters]

NOTE: The closest reference I have found to a “Beenie’s Cafe” is Beanie’s Coffee Bar at 4811 Delta Street in Vancouver:

Beanie's Coffee Bar

The unfamiliar ring tone of Garreth’s cell woke her.

– William Gibson [from Chapter 82. Beenie’s, Spook Country]

Someone’s already named a Web site after NODE, the nonexistent magazine in ‘Spook Country,’ " [Gibson] said. "It’s sort of scary.

– Chris Watson, Bookends: William Gibson explores the science fiction of the here-and-now in his new novel [Santa Cruz Sentinel] / [ is the sister site of this blog]


After Garreth pick him up from sitting in with Igor and the band, Tito tells Garreth about the man who tried to kill him and his passenger who walked away concerned that his systema was sloppy. Garreth tells him that he was “fucking genius” and that Alejandro is waiting for him. After getting in the black Mercedes, Alejandro tells Tito that Carlito has plans for him to stay in Vancouver with an eye towards China which is “very close.” [438 characters]

‘You can’t give me a number?’

– William Gibson [from Chapter 81. In Between Everything, Spook Country]
Mongolian Death Worm

Mongolian Death Worm


Thinking back to “the single strangest thing I imagine I’ll ever see,” Hollis wonders aloud to Inchmale about the Mongolian Death Worm [‘a mascot for my anxiety” directing focus to “what I’m supposed to be most afraid of, now”]. [227 characters]

‘Business-class lounge for Air Asshole,’ declared Inchmale, enthusiastically taking in the central area of the first floor of Bigend’s flat.

– William Gibson [from Chapter 80. Mongolian Death Worm, Spook Country]


After phoning Garreth to tell him the job is done, Tito takes a beer from the A&R man, deciding to stay off the streets for a while. [132 characters]

‘Where’d you say you’re from?’ asked the man from Igor’s label, offering Tito an open bottle of beer.

– William Gibson [from Chapter 79. Artist and Repertoire, Spook Country]

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Distraction: Concept art for Neuromancer movie. You can also view a German-language presentation if you like.

Drug dealers on Hastings and Main [Vancouver, BC] fighting over Hollis’s purse?

Drug dealers on Hastings and Main [Vancouver, BC] fighting over Hollis’s purse?


Leaving the building in the hands of the “dustmen” and her purse behind, Hollis tells Garreth to stop the car when she sees emerge from a small car parked by the Phaeton, Inchmale and Heidi Hyde carrying a three-foot, gift-wrapped ax handle.

At a bar near the flat, Bigend tells Hollis that her purse is near Hastings and Main, “on foot, apparently” before getting on a bus as Hollis imagines him “watching this on that huge screen in his office. The world as video game.”

Inchmale tells Hollis that Bigend want The Curfew to record a $15M-budget video of “Hard To Be One” for a Chinese car commercial before telling him that he thought it would be good for him and Heidi to check in Hollis, who might be in trouble. [715 characters]

‘My purse,’ she said, as they drove back to Bobby’s.

– William Gibson [from Chapter 78. Their Different Drummer, Spook Country]
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